Relaxation effects of massage

The advantages of a whirlpool are based on the solid foundation of hydrotherapy, which has been used in medicine since antiquity and is still recognised as a healing method today. Below is a list of selected health problems for which hydrotherapy helps.

  • stress, anxiety, migraines, insomnia
  • pain of neck and upper backbone, pain of shoulders
  • pain of back (middle part)
  • pain of elbow joint
  • ischialgia
  • relaxation of femur muscles
  • pain of joints and motive system
  • relaxation of sural muscles
  • relaxation of feet

Types of massage nozzles

Nozzles MICRO SLIM and NANO - thinnest available nozzles in the market, featuring the massage effect higher by 40% compared to the standard nozzles. Ergonomic built-in. Adjustable turning balls solve better the situation when the back nozzles are overlaid. As the nozzles´ height is only 1 mm, these nozzles are more effective an more comfortable while having a hydromassage bath than usual nozzles, whose height is 5 mm.

trysky NANO
vzduchové kanálky TURBOAIR

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