The ROLLS shower screen series has an exceptional sliding door solution: the large diameter wheels move along the bottom guide profile, which also serves as an overflow rail.

The wheels are located on the outside of the shower enclosure and are thus well protected from splashing water. The upper longitudinal strut provides stable support for the fixed glass part and also guides the sliding door. When installed in a niche, the strut is fixed to the wall on both sides, when installed with a side wall it serves to fix the side wall.

  • the large diameter bearing wheels run on the bottom profile and guarantee flawless operation for many years
  • 8 mm thick safety glass with ANTIDROP coating on both sides for easy maintenance
  • water splashing is prevented by a threshold rail and magnetic seal
  • the door is divided into a sliding and a fixed part - allowing variable installation with left or right opening
  • the extremely flat bottom guide profile of the door guarantees almost barrier-free access



Type of opening


Shower screens Rolls Line

The wall profile provides adjustability of up to 20 mm to compensate for unevenness. It also holds the door in the open position.

Shower screens Rolls Line

Large-diameter bearing tracks in a square design ensure quiet and reliable operation of the sliding door.

Shower screens Rolls Line

The longitudinal strut provides stable support for the fixed part of the glass and also guides the sliding part of the door.

Shower screens Rolls Line

Elegant 315 mm high chrome handle.

Shower screens Rolls Line

Buckling when installed with side wall. Hidden magnetic seal in the side wall profile.

Shower screens Rolls Line

Bucking when installing in a niche. Concealed magnetic seal in profile.


Cleaning and maintenance

The fixed and moving parts of the product do not require any maintenance. Moving parts equipped with castor tracks can be lubricated with silicone oil spray. Cleaning can be carried out with water and suitable cleaning agents. No parts of the product may be cleaned with cleaning agents containing sand and substances of a similar nature. Product parts made of plastics (e.g. polyamide end caps, PVC gaskets or styrofoam fillings) must not be cleaned with cleaning agents containing organic solvents (e.g. alcohola or acetone).

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