About us

Polysan s.r.o. is the Czech company that produces the sanitary equipments (baths, hydromassage and bubble massage systems for these baths, shower baths and shower boxes, shower screens and shower massage panels. To produce micro bead massage systems, we use a unique technological solution called TurboAir which represents a new quality of a bead bath.

The production and trading company Polysan s.r.o. has been established in the year 1996 in form of association of enterprisers under the name František Smrž – Polysan and as one of the last companies in the Czech Republic started the production of sanitary polymethylmethacrylate. Since 1st of May 2004, the company was transformed into Polysan s.r.o.

The first acrylate bath Polysan came into the world during the year 1996. At the beginning the production included only eight models of baths that gained its favour in the home market. Subsequently the assortment has enlarged by shower trays, panels, shower boxes etc.

Since 1997 our baths have been equipped with hydromassage and airmassage systems based on request by our clients. It is just this kind of products that has gained the home as well foreign markets and enambles the company to succeed in a strong competition. Together with a dynamic development within the company and with the increase in its production, also the number of employees raised from 6 in the beginning to more 30 nowadays.

The annual production tends to grow and increases in quick growth rate. About 30% of production is distributed in the home market, and 70% is exported to nearly all European countries.

The sale of products in the Czech Republic is ensured by the effective network of branded sales rooms and wholesales.

The company Polysan s.r.o. provides the assembly and commissioning of hydromassage products as well as its guarantee service.
The after-guarantee repairs are provided in the network of service centers all over the Czech Republic.

The company is established in Nesměřice u Zruče nad Sázavou and currently offers nearly 100 models of baths, shower baths and shower boxes.

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