Shower screens EASY LINE

The elegant line of shower enclosures with sliding doors EASY LINE is a simple and practical solution for showering in a fresh and light design.

  • 6 mm safety glass
  • clear glass
  • easy installation - tolerance settings glass profile 0-20 mm
  • double bear rolles
  • polished aluminum profiles
  • standard height is 1900 mm

Practical handles emphasize the lightness of the design seen throughout the whole series.
Wall irregularities can be elegently hidden by the profiles, which allow a 20 mm tolarance.
Problem free operation and cleaning.

All acrylic bathtubs and shower trays Polysan are made of Lucite acrylic sheets. Unlike co-extruded acrylic sheets which having a softer surface and a lower chemical resistance, Lucite acrylic sheets are produce by casting. Exceptionally strong, durable, scratch and chemical resistant, Lucite is warm to touch and comes in an infinite array of rich colours and effects. It can be thermoformed easily.


In the manufacture of bathtubs and shower trays Polysan uses the latest technologies of the British company Armour Ltd. Compared to competitor bathtubs, the bottom of a Polysan bathtub is reinforced with an extra layer of a special HEAVY SHELL mixture, which provides better rigidity of the bathtub. Polysan Bathtubs are not cured by thermal shock. After demoulding, they continue to harden at 20°C. The result is a perfectly flat and smooth surface without so-called orange-peel effect.

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