Shower screens LUCIS LINE

Sliding shower screens LUCIS LINE represent the top of the segment.Their superior 2 m height brings stall optically more space and light. Square profiles and cases of ball travels this series provide a modern look. Horizontal sealing profiles are elegantly fitted in aluminum profiles and is significantly longer service life. The new design allows for wall profiles 20 mm setting and hide the set screws, which are now only accessible after lifting the cover bar.Horizontal sealing profiles are elegantly fitted in aluminum profiles and is significantly longer service life. Long and lean decent handles underline the uniqueness and design of this series. Safety glasses are easy to clean standard measures ANTIDROP finish.

  • sliding doors are made of glass 6.8 mm (depending on type)
  • clear glass
  • ANTIDROP shield for easy maintenance glass
  • easy installation via pull-out profile 0-20 mm
  • horizontal seals are set into aluminum profiles
  • standard height is 2000 mm
  • sliding system in bearings
  • elegant, long and slim handle
  • the cover of the internal set screws

  • Extra height 2 m (standard height 1,9 m).
  • Up to 66 variants from a single shower doors to quadrant shower enclosurers.
  • On the side of the glass wall may be glued towel holder
  • Supplied partially assembled.
  • Tools required - drill, screwdriver, sealant gun, spirit level, sealant.
  • Sealant should not be applied to the inside of the enclosure and if so, only on the profile parts recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to seal the shower enclosure correctly will mean that in time water will leak through the profiles onto the floor.
  • Wall profile (0-20 mm adj. for an easy instalation).

Width entry of shower enclosures LUCIS LINE

Description Dimensions Entry width
Quadrant shower enclosure DL2615 900x900 mm 520 mm
Quadrant shower enclosure DL5015L 1200x900 mm 520 mm
Quadrant shower enclosure DL5015R 1200x900 mm 520 mm
Semi circular shower enclosure DL3615 900x900 mm 650 mm
Square shower enclosure DL1615 900x900 mm 430 mm
Folding door DL2715 800 mm 650 mm
Folding door DL2815 800 mm 650 mm
Sliding door DL1015 1000 mm 480 mm
Sliding door DL1115 1100 mm 480 mm
Sliding door DL1215 1200 mm 480 mm
Sliding door DL1315 1300 mm 480 mm
Sliding door DL1415 1400 mm 480 mm
Four-parts shower doors DL4215 1500 mm 640 mm
Four-parts shower doors DL4315 1600 mm 640 mm

All acrylic bathtubs and shower trays Polysan are made of Lucite acrylic sheets. Unlike co-extruded acrylic sheets which having a softer surface and a lower chemical resistance, Lucite acrylic sheets are produce by casting. Exceptionally strong, durable, scratch and chemical resistant, Lucite is warm to touch and comes in an infinite array of rich colours and effects. It can be thermoformed easily.


In the manufacture of bathtubs and shower trays Polysan uses the latest technologies of the British company Armour Ltd. Compared to competitor bathtubs, the bottom of a Polysan bathtub is reinforced with an extra layer of a special HEAVY SHELL mixture, which provides better rigidity of the bathtub. Polysan Bathtubs are not cured by thermal shock. After demoulding, they continue to harden at 20°C. The result is a perfectly flat and smooth surface without so-called orange-peel effect.

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